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The Belly Dance Technique Toolkit

From newbie to natural in just 8 weeks! This course is the ultimate start to an incredible belly dance journey. Add movement and health into your life, grow your confidence, express your creativity and reconnect with your body.

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Fabulous Finger Cymbal Essentials

Fabulous Finger Cymbal Basics is the only program of its kind to show you exactly how to use the finger cymbals, as well as understand and play them while dancing with confidence and joy!

Make music while you dance

Sensational Shimmy Intensive

The Sensational Shimmy Intensive is your one stop shop to lea-rn, drill, perfect and have fun with 22 different shimmies and variations that are quintessential in the belly dance world.

Spice up your shimmies


The Belly Dance Journey Membership

A game-changing membership experience! Find acceptance and success in your belly dance journey with 500+ hours of online belly dance and finger cymbal courses, live Zoom classes, personal interaction and an amazing community.


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The Finger Cymbal Revolution Membership

Banish zill confusion and overwhelm and find joy and creativity in your finger cymbals playing! Welcome to The Finger Cymbal Revolution - the most comprehensive, game-changing online finger cymbal learning experience in the world.


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Acapella Finger Cymbal Foundations

Use your cymbals as the musical instrument they are and play them more confidently, creatively and joyfully with or without music!

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Elegant and Powerful Arms and Hands

Your complete guide to dancing with stronger, more graceful and more intentional arms and hands.

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- Artistry Focus -

Positively Powerful Emotion and Expression

Unlock the expression in your dance with this course which will teach you three key ways to create more theatrical expression in your dance: movement texture, facial expression, and the eyes.

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- Technique Focus -

Improvisational Belly Dance Technique, Combinations & Zills

This course will take you through over a dozen slow and fast group synchronized improvisation vocabulary that have been collected from Urban Hipsy’s journeys over the last 20 years. Includes a bonus section all about finger cymbals!

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Killer Driller

Welcome to Killer Driller, a belly dance course designed to help you sweat, move and improve your mood all while leveling up your belly dance technique.

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- Choreography -

Arabian Spices | Tribal Fusion Choreography

A beginner to intermediate-level slow, snaky choreography, Arabian Spices teaches moves and technique that every dancer can use to spice up their style.

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Ali | Tribal Fusion Choreography

A fast-paced upbeat fusion choreography that combines movements from Bhangra, West African, Spanish and Tribal Fusion dance, Ali is sure to get your heart thumping and your audience clapping along!

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Spanish Skirt Passion | Spanish Skirt Choreography

A fiery skirt dance full of the passion and flair of Spanish dance taught for a solo or a duet by Sahira and Silvia Salamanca.

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BellaDonna Ya Helwa | Modern Egyptian Choreography

An intermediate-level elegant modern Egyptian choreography with veil and zills.

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Audio Editing Basics for Dancers

Become your own audio editor with this practical hands-on course on the basics of audio editing in Audacity.

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