Sensational Shimmy Intensive

Learn, drill and perfect 22 incredible shimmies and variations!

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Welcome to the Sensational Shimmy Intensive - your one stop shop to learn, drill, perfect and have fun with 22 different shimmies and variations that are quintessential in the belly dance world.

Whether you are

a new dancer looking to learn some of belly dance's most popular shimmies

a long-time dance student frustrated with shimmies that are unreliable, wonky or difficult to achieve

an experienced dancer looking to expand your shimmy repertoire

you are in the right place!

All these shimmies await you inside!

By the end of this course you will have:

✓ A solid undertanding of how to make shimmies big, relaxed, delicius, dependable and fun

✓ The clear blueprint for drilling your shimmies to achieve the shimmies you've always wanted

✓ Twenty two different shimmies that you can play with and use to create amazing texture and expression in your dance

✓ Total confidence and clarity on the differences between the three quarter and triplet shimmies (Yes! They are different!)

✓ Four ways to easily workout your shimmies anytime no matter how much time you have

Get started now!

"You are a great teacher and thank you for the nice way you have to correct and to help me understand the movements. I finally understood the shimmy! Thank you!!! It was really frustrating before but now it doesn't hurt. I love it! On the first lesson!"

- Luz

"I love Sahira’s focus on technique and her ability to break it down to the most elemental components. In the very short time I have had to view dance technique videos I have already seen an improvement in my dancing."

Waiting for you inside...

22 Different Shimmies and Variations!

❃ Egyptian Shimmies with variations

❃ Hip Shimmy

❃ Triplet Shimmy and dozens of variations

❃ Three-Quarter shimmy and variations

❃ African Shimmy

❃ Hagallah Shimmy

❃ Shoulder Shimmy

❃ Choo Choo Shimmy

❃ Earthquake Shimmy

...and more!

To learn all of these shimmies in a standard in-person class would take several months, and there would most likely be no access to video to review, and definitely no possibility to make the teacher repeat the movement over and over (and over) at just the speed you want so that you can find your groove.

With this online course format you have the ability to review as much as you like, and slow down (or speed up) the instruction to suit your needs.

The Sensational Shimmy Intensive includes:

  • 22 shimmy tutorials to help you widen your repertoire of confident, dependable and sensational shimmies

  • Specialized Warm up and Cool Down to prepare your body for a safe and effective practice as well as celebrate and stretch out your muscles post-workout

  • Explanation of the different shimmy families to create a deeper understanding of the relationship between shimmies and how each shimmy family can be texturized to give you a huge range of movements for your dance expression.

VALUE = $274

Plus you will receive these special bonuses to create massive momentum in your practice:

✓Two Bonus Drills for Shimmy Layers

✓Four different shimmy workouts of different lengths, so that you can jump in and drill you shimmies no matter how much or how little time you have that day


Sahira, I am loving this so much. I'm into week 4 of your course. I have dabbled in this beautiful dance for year's but just wasn't able to grasp it, but now I'm really feeling connected to my body and I don't mind watching myself in the mirror! So thank you so much.

- Joanne

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish and you have lifetime access.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days and we will give you a full refund.
I am a brand new belly dancer. Will this course be too advanced for me?
Absolutely not! Every shimmy tutorial takes you step by step through all the technique you need to successfully accomplish the movement with practice.
I've been dancing a long time... is this course for me?
How many shimmies do you know and currently use in your dancing? If it's less than 22 there is definitely something new for you to dive into within this course. 😊 And the course will not only teach you the technique behind the shimmies, but with give you a variety of drills that you can use over and over in your practice.

Thank you for helping me step up my game. Ticking items off my list of "Things to do before I Can't" is what keeps me going!

- Teva

I am so excited to dive into this course with you and share this sensation world of shimmies with you! I created this course after struggling for many years with the concept of the shimmy... exactly 12 years to be exact.

Seriously. And struggle might be an understatement.

My shimmies were small and unreliable, and I would often panic in the moments just before they happened in my dancing. Day to day I could never be sure if my shimmy would work for me or not and this led me to feel like a total imposter of a belly dancer! I thought I couldn't possibly call myself a belly dancer with shimmies that lame.

Fast forward several years now and I am happy to say that I have drilled and engineered my way to a much better place and I have a lot more confidence and enthusiasm about the dozens of shimmies in my repertoire.

I have learned so much from my struggle, from my hours of classes with other instructors and from a lot of tinkering during my practice.

And I want to share all of that with you.

It is my sincere hope that you join me for this course and discover (more quickly than I did) how to create the luscious, dependable and fun shimmies that you crazy for your dancing.

I would love to share the dance floor with you here.


Get started now!