Beyond Basics

Level up your beginner belly dance moves with arms, traveling and shimmy layers!

Are you ready to take your beginner belly dance movements to the next level?

This course is designed to take those foundational isolations and movements from The Beginner Belly Dance Technique Toolkit and put a little bling on them!

We will be reviewing the movements to create more muscle memory and depth and then adding some interest and finesse by layering arms, traveling and even shimmies on them!

You will take these iconic movements from drill to dance, all the while building grace, muscle and stamina in your dance.

Whether you are just now taking your belly dance journey to the next stage, or you are an experienced dancer who knows the importance of reviewing the basics, I invite you to dive into this course and take your dance to the next level.

Are you ready to move beyond basic and really get dancing?

Let's do it!

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This course is closed for enrollment.