Beautiful Arms and Hands

Dive deep into arm and hand expressivity with these 60-minute full length Zoom class recordings

Belly dance students around the world agree that while arms and hands are an essential and beautiful part of our dance, they are often glossed over or even ignored in many belly dance classes.

The result?

Confusion and uncertainty among dancers about what to do with their arms and performances that lack the polish, dynamism and framing that thoughtful arm work can provide.

It's time to banish confusion and throw boring and repetitive arm work out the door! Let's get up close and personal with beautiful arms and hands!

In this course you will add strength to the movements you already know and look in great detail at small nuances like hand waves and floreos that will add incredible polish to your dance.

Then you will experience the transformational magic of approaching your dance from the arms first... making them the star of your dancing and adding more intention and creativity to your movement. We will work through two different gorgeous combinations, focusing first on the specifics of the arm and hand movements before adding to them. You will also learn a number of beautiful arm pathways that can be added to movements and combinations you already know as well as future dances you create.

Whether you are new to the dance or have been belly dancing for some time and are looking for new inspiration for these incredible appendages attached to your torso then you'll love these classes!

These classes are a great place to come after completing the "Focus on Arms and Hands" course here in your membership, though they can also stand on their own with no previous class experience.

These course videos were taken during a live Zoom class. You will hear the other student's questions but will not see them in the video.

This course is closed for enrollment.