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Find the confidence, grace and self-expression you've been looking for while learning the beautiful art form that is the world's most ancient dance.

"Truth be told, I dropped my subscription to another online platform because I like what you are offering so much more and how you offer it. Your wit, your intelligence, spontaneity and your Can Do attitude are truly charming and inspiring."

- CS, Mexico

"I highly recommend ANY opportunity that you get to work with Sahira. Sahira is one of the most dedicated teachers that I have had the honor of training with in my dance technique and choreography education. I have met with her for my own choreography project and the amount of attention and guidance she gave to me was unsurpassed by any other that I’ve experienced to date. There is no doubt that she will always be my “go to” instructor for all my choreography assistance and critique because I know that I can depend on her to be 100% committed to helping me create a quality performance piece!"

- Corinna, Houston, TX

I think you are an excellent instructor, one of the best! You are precise, detailed and patient with providing the breakdown and with repetitions that allows beginners like myself the best way to learn this beautiful art form of Bellydance.

- Evelyn, Anchorage, AK


Are you ready to get started?

If you are new to belly dance and looking to create a rock-solid foundation of the basic isolations and movements used in this beautiful folkloric dance form, I invite you to join me for the 8-week Beginner Belly Dance Technique Toolkit.

You will learn 18 foundational iconic movements to start looking and feeling confident in your movement, you body and you dance

This course includes:

8 weeks of step-by-step movement instruction that you can access on any device you own from anywhere in the world

All the basic isolations of this amazing dance as well as the foundational iconic movements that every belly dancer must know

Clear, concise and friendly instruction that will teach you to understand the movement as well as feel the movement in your body

Weekly drills to help you hone your movements and commit them to muscle memory

A final combination that will put your fabulous new moves together into a piece you can dance for yourself or for others

A course workbook to help you work through the material in an organized fashion and track your practice and your progress

A fabulous playlist of great Arabic music to get you moving in your practice

A great introduction into an incredible world of movement and cultural learning opportunity and direction on how to continue your belly dance journey.

and more!

Fabulous Finger Cymbal Basics

This studio currently houses hundreds of hours of fabulous dance content - everything from Egyptian to Improvisational Tribal, basic technique and drills, to choreographies of varying levels, prop work, folklore, theory and zills zills zills (my personal favorite!)

The best way to explore what I have to offer is through The Belly Dance Journey Membership.

A membership experience unlike any other, the Belly Dance Journey is designed to give you the tools you need to confidently and joyfully learn to belly dance at your own pace and in your own way while also providing the personal interaction, encouragement, direction and community that is so essential for maximum success.

Members of The Belly Dance Journey have access to nearly every course I have created here on Teachable, including all the courses that are not currently offered for purchase to the general public. Every month I add new content for members and offer live classes accessible only to Journey members.

In addition to the Belly Dance Journey membership I offer 2-3 live intensive workshops each year here in the Sahira Belly Dances Teachable studio.

"Sahira is an amazing instructor. She gives me peace of mind when I express any doubt in dancing abilities. Sahira always encourages us with our dance expression to best match our personalities, ensuring in our own personal technique. I have been able to present myself with my own body expression, and have been becoming more confident with my dance technique thanks to Sahira and her positive outlook. Due to Sahira's delineated breakdown of technique, I have been able to improve every aspect of my dancing, from body expression - to facial expression; all the way from the way I use my hands to the way point my toes! All of her students are lucky to have her, as she has nothing but positive and encouraging things to say. She is also has a touch of class mixed with exoticism in every dance move!"

- Kelly, Houston, TX

"Can I just say thank you for all your amazing content? You are a fantastic teacher. There are no belly dance classes in my area so your videos are very helpful to me!"

- Nikita, England


Muscle Isolation
Basic Belly Dance Movements
How to work with Props
How to work with Zills
Arabic Music Theory
and more...


Creative Expression
A New Love of Culture and Music
and so much more...

You're just the best! You always infect others with your positive thoughts and can do it approach, bringing smiles and happy thoughts to everyone. Thank you for being you!

- Roxy

I got to first say - Thank you Sahira! You are an AWESOME TEACHER ! I got my zills two days ago and because of you I am learning ! You make it fun, creative and enjoyable !

- 4EveReina

I am so happy that I have subscribed to your courses! I have had a number of dance teachers (love them all) but, you have the clearest instructions. I learn at my own pace and your teaching method has opened helped me tremendously!

- Kris