Put the PLAY back into your finger cymbal playing!

The 2024 Zill Challenge

May 14-23


A 10-day finger cymbal learning adventure

Join Sahira, Saroyan Mastercrafts and hundreds of dancers from around the world for this incredible 10-day finger cymbal challenge and discover that you have everything it takes to confidently play your zills... AND DANCE at the same time!


So sorry we missed you this time!

But never fear! Here's a free mini-course that will give you a solid foundation for an awesome zill practice.

Whether you are

new to the finger cymbals and needing a solid foundation for your playing

a seasoned dancer who's been hesitant to tackle the challenge of zilling while you dance

a zill enthusiast looking to spice up your playing with some fun new sounds, riffs and choreography

You've come to the right place!

No matter where you currently are, this challenge will boost your confidence and put the PLAY back in your finger cymbal playing.

How does it work?

♡ Sign up here.
♡ Get 10 days of exclusive finger cymbal tutorial videos delivered to your inbox.
♡ Join me inside our Facebook community for live sessions and special trainings to answer your questions and keep you motivated.
♡ Track your progess in your Zill Challenge workbook and share your awesomeness with a supportive online community.
♡ Oh... and there are PRIZES! Did I mention that? Online zill classes, shiny new finger cymbals, zill gear and more can be yours just for participating!

Banish zill hesitation, confusion and doubt and learn from a finger cymbal expert who's spent the last two decades helping dancers all over the world learn to love their finger cymbals!

Here's what awaits you inside...

By the end of this 10-day challenge you will

Accurately play three different zill sounds

Count music and your zill playing like a musician (this one is a total game-changer)

Perform a fabulous zill riff that can be played with or without music

Strategize how to dance and play zills at the same time

Actually move while playing something cool on your finger cymbals

Be part of an amazing international community of dancers who LOVE to learn and grow with their finger cymbals


Never be held back by finger cymbal confusion or doubt ever again!

The Zill Challenge will give you the insight, step-by-step guidance and an open and honest forum to get your zill questions answered so you can move forward and learn with confidence and joy.

What you get inside The 2024 Zill Challenge:

* 10 days of on-demand step-by-step finger cymbal instruction designed to help you understand the zills at a deeper level so you can find confidence and your own personal groove.

* The official Finger Cymbal Challenge workbook to guide and track your practice so you can see in real-time the improvements you are making.

* A most awesome, supportive and accepting online community of finger cymbal enthusiasts to support, motivate and cheer you on along the way.

* Live community check-ins with Sahira and her team designed to encourage your growth mindset and learning enthusiasm, as well as giving you the opportunity to connect with Sahira, her team and the community to ask questions and gain motivation.

* A super-special BONUS training created to skyrocket the momentum you gain inside the challenge.

* A Zill Challenge Graduation party to celebrate your success.

* Lot of fun, games and PRIZES! Yes, prizes!

10 days of the best finger cymbal learning you can buy for just


Want to dive deeper, learn faster and get more personalized support?

We've got you covered, zillstar!

The 2024 Zill Challenge VIP package gives you everything from the challenge PLUS a few extra resources to boost your finger cymbal learning to the next level.

For just $40 you can experience all the excitement of the Zill Challenge with TWO EXCLUSIVE small online group zoom classes with Sahira where you can ask questions, get personal feedback and take your learning to the next level AND a special lecture on finger cymbal history and ties to the dance with the amazing Dawn Devine!

(Live classes will happen on Sunday May 19th @ 10am CDT and Friday May 24th @ 6:30pm CDT. Classes will be recorded for anyone who cannot make it live.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the challenge?
The Zill Challenge begins on May 14th and runs for 10 days - through May 23rd. From there you will have six more days to access all of the challenge materials and community group before the challenge closes on May 29.
I am new to zills. Will this challenge be over my head?
Great question! This challenge is designed to meet you where you are and give you the steps needed to get a solid foundation in your finger cymbal playing. There will also be options given to boost or reduce the level of challenge depending on where you are in your personal finger cymbal journey. The Zill Challenge includes support from me and my team and an incredible community of dancers ready to help you at any time too! There have been many new zillers join The Zill Challenge in the past who've experienced amazing success.
I want to join but I don't have any finger cymbals! What can I do?
Never fear! First head to SahiraBellyDances.com/SaroyanCymbals and order a pair of the best finger cymbals on the planet! And then while you are waiting for them to come in, go to a craft store and grab four of the biggest buttons you can find, and some elastic to strap them onto your fingers to get you started. You've got this!
When will the VIP live classes be held?
Live classes will happen on Sunday May 19th @ 10am CDT and Friday May 24th @ 6:30pm CDT. And classes will be recorded for anyone who cannot make it live!

Hey there! I'm Sahira.

I've been a musician for the last 39 years and a dancer for 24. When it came time to teach my students how to play the finger cymbals I quickly realized that the off-handed "just put them on and play this" way that I was taught decades ago was not going to work.

So I drew from my musical training and developed a method of teaching finger cymbals that starts from the ground up and takes it step-by-step so students can truly understand and digest music and their zills in a brand new way.

For the past decade, this method has helped hundreds of dancers all over the world find confidence, excitement and creativity in their zilling. The unique combination of deep musical knowledge, a type A engineering mind plus my love of laughter leads to classes that are clear, focused and fun - the perfect combination to help you get the results you crave in less time and with more joy!

The result? Dancers who LOVE the finger cymbals and understand the music they're dancing to at a deeper level.

Wanting to offer this revolution to dancers everywhere, I took my classes online in 2013 and have been teaching and sharing my love of the zills with people all over the world ever since.

I would love nothing more than to help you find the same magical transformation in your zill playing.

Whether you have never played the finger cymbals and are looking for a solid foundation to build upon, or have been hesitant or confused about the instrument, or even embarrassed that you do not already know how to play them, there is an open and accepting place for you in this community.

Here inside The Zill Challenge we celebrate every stage of the process, know that the journey is the destination and "embrace the suck" when learning new things proves challenging!

Won't you join us inside?

I'm saving a place for you there.